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What does it cost?

Blind ReviewSM is a custom service, delivering intricately designed blind expert reviews covering multiple specialty perspectives as dictated by each case’s unique set of facts and circumstances.  To request a quote, click here. 

Are Expert Fees Covered?

No.  All expert fees are paid by you, except for certain types of limited Radiology and Pathology reviews.  To request a quote, click here.

Can I choose my own experts?

Yes!  You can retain control over which experts you want Blind ReviewSM to contact on your behalf.

Will Blind Review find experts for me?

Yes!  While most of our clients prefer to choose their own experts, we offer a selection service for an additional fee.

How Are Expert Retainers Handled?

If your expert requires a retainer before reviewing the case, you will be notified of the required amount.  Blind ReviewSM will issue the retainer fee to the expert once the retainer fee is received from your firm.  The expert’s receipt of the retainer fee will not jeopardize the objectivity of their review since they will receive it directly from Blind ReviewSM.

What about security?

Security is paramount to you AND to Blind Review. Blind Review is hosted on one of the world’s most secure, trusted platforms.  We utilize leading edge security protocols including multifactor authentication (MFA) for secure access.

Case records are securely uploaded to our platform. Data in transit is encrypted utilizing industry-standard protocols to protect data as it is loaded up to our platform. Data at rest is also fully encrypted, so that lawyers, doctors and partners can rest assured that we are providing the very best care for all data.  Blind Review only partners with firms that employ the same policies.

The infrastructure Blind Review utilizes is certified to the following global standards (and others): ISO/IEC 27001, SOC2 Type 2. The platform also follows HIPAA and NIST standards, where applicable. For more details please see our Privacy Policy.